Friday, August 29, 2008

Book Review

It is seldom that a work of fiction celebrates so accurately the historical figures of psychoanalysis. The Interpretation of Murder is indeed a tour de force. This is no ordinary murder mystery but one which involves Freud, Jung, Ferenczi and others on their famous visit to New York in 1909. Jed Rubenfield, a Professor of Law at Yale University has managed to successfully emulate the Victorian writing style and in so doing, captures the epoch, the figures and the social values of the time. If you are interested in Shakespeare's Hamlet, the Oedipus Complex and hysteria, all woven together - then this book will satisfy. An absolute must to take on holiday! Interestingly, there is a web site where you can make comments on any aspect of the book. Picking holes in the plot or historical accuracy is encouraged, so it's worth making a visit to .