Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boot in the Sand

On Dublin's north coast, a piece of land is dedicated to a nature reserve. I called in on the way back from Howth and found a bit of beach where cars can park. It was quite deserted, but I caught sight of an almost perfect heel print in the sand. I tried to make one like it - but this boot is fairly industrial! Boots, shoes, beaches and sand appear quite often in dreams, but interpretation isn't so easy. The dreamer may have many personal associations to all of these. With boots and shoes Freud argues for phallic symbols. On the other hand, I think the shoe makes a mark on the territory so there is something possessive about the boot print. Perhaps it represents "being grounded". Yet this print has certainly been washed away by now! Sand takes up the shape of the objects that rest in it and however transitory it may be, there's an aspect of regression in the boot print, a seeking for the womb. The print was very much on its own, so someone dug in the heel, probably with some pleasure.