Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fightin' the Blues

One of my favourite pieces of music is "So much trouble". You can find it on an album called Back Country Blues by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. You might have to look in the back catalogues though! When I felt I was having a lot of trouble in my life, one of my friends introduced me to the song and when I heard it I just started laughing. No-one can have that much trouble I thought. So at least for a while, my own troubles left me. My depression lifted and I felt better. All music can affect feelings. Maybe this isn't permanent, but it can be a chink of light in the darkness. By speaking the troubles out loud perhaps only the Blues can really let us all know that we are not alone! Jungians and cognitive psychologists both say that we can't eliminate personal suffering but we can we can change the way we look at it! The guitar featured here is a Dobro - a resonator guitar with a proud history - and that's my friend's hand playing the beast. Technically, I used a high ASA in bright sunlight and added grain electronically for good measure.