Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fleur de lis

On the way to the shops I took this shot of the top of a wrought iron fence. The fence surrounds the house of a well known personality associated with the Ireland football team. I'll let you guess! It just looked nice in the sun, framed by the hedge. The exposure I picked gave me a smile. In past times, it was always the tradition to keep the camera set to 1/125th of a second and the aperture at 5.6. Especially for black and white films, this gave the photographer much flexibility. If there was a lightning opportunity with no time to spare, you could point and shoot and always get something from the negative. The design of the wrought iron fence top is also interesting. There are many of course, but this one is the fleur de lis. It's a very early symbol and much used in heraldry. You could find it in many flags. Purity and chastity may be an early meaning - it was associated with the Virgin Mary - but it can also be seen as a more warlike axe head. It's just about possible this may derive from the coat of arms of Lord Pembroke, within who's estate it can be found.