Thursday, November 20, 2008

The locked gate

Just continuing from the other day's blog, this is another image of fragility. Nothing is really right about this set up and it wouldn't take much to remove the whole thing and enter the yard behind the gate. It's not even a visual deterrent with its ad hoc mixture of screws and rivets. The main symbol in question is only suggested by the picture - the key is absent, naturally! It's the gate that's interesting - badly maintained with paint peeling, it's about as good a gate as its lock. In any case, alchemists regard the key and the gate as much the same thing. The gate symbolises a passing between the known and the unknown. The gate invites us to pass the threshold into the beyond. It's a bit like psychotherapy, venturing into unknown territory from one state to another. We want to change something about ourselves so we have to push through the gate to reveal more about ourselves.