Monday, November 24, 2008


Cafés are the thing at the moment! I often ask clients about what they are doing for fun. It's a fundamental principle of Reality Therapy that people have certain needs - survival, power, freedom, love and ... fun! So at some point I will ask a client about what they are doing for fun - for pleasure or enjoyment. You can certainly have fun at the Panorama Café on the front at Howth. It's small and rather intimate, with excellent Italian food and wine. This is Graziano who runs the café with his Australian friend, Fitzy. Together, they will give you a warm welcome. Motorcyclists get a special welcome - you'll find an autographed photo of Casey Stoner on the wall. So if you are in the area, look in. And don't leave without some genuine Italian produce. There's wine, pasta and excellent olive oil that you won't find in the supermarket - all are guaranteed to give you pleasure. Chill out at the Panorama and enjoy. You won't be disappointed.