Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pile of Stones

Had to get right down on the pavement for this one. Sore on the knees! Construction work seems perpetual in our neighbourhood. No sooner is one building finished than another starts. I guess this pile of bricks is destined for some part of a building but I think it's likely to be a wall, since many of the original 19th century walls have been demolished. I couldn't decide whether these were stone bricks, which have been dressed - or aggregate bricks. I'm going to stick with stones! One of my friends is very attached to the philosopher, St Hildegard of Bingen. Hildegard describes the stone as having three incompatible properties. Moisture prevents its dissolution or decomposition. Because it's palpable it may be handled. Finally, its inherent fire makes it hot and harder still. But she is talking of raw stone, a sacred symbol of freedom,. Dressed stone is often a sign of captivity - stone walls and prisons. I was wondering what kind of prisons we are fashioning for ourselves in these times - with incessant construction of houses and apartments. What is the purpose of construction? Houses to sell or homes for people to live in?