Friday, November 14, 2008

Pronto Soccorso

Recently I had to go to hospital in rather a hurry! On my safe return, I remembered this photograph from earlier in the year. I was at the CTO in Turin - that's the Centro Traumatologico Ospedaliero . The hospital deals with burns and bone injuries and conditions. It's housed in a big sixties block and not very beautiful - but if you need help it's the place to be. And because it's near the Alps, it's the first port of call for an injured skier! Its very important to me that down on the ground floor it has one of the best cafes you'll ever find! You can sit in the cafe and watch the many customer-patients wearing all manner of braces, cages and wire supports queuing for an espresso and a great sandwich. I leaned out of a window on the sixth floor to get this picture of the emergency helicopter. The staff seemed to make a nice pattern in the sunshine. If you go to YouTube you can watch a similar copter take off from the same spot. Good health everyone! Take care of these bones!