Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shepherds in the City

It could be that on Kildare Street you might pass the odd shepherd or two, but how would you know? I knew for sure yesterday because some shepherds had brought a small flock with them. It was a bit of a surprise and I tried to get all the sheep in my photograph, which wasn't possible. It's part of a campaign by the Irish Sheep Farmer's - who are feeling the pinch. I really like sheep and the one who is looking at the camera I have named Susan. I fear to report that in Irish mythology, sheep are a bit menacing - diabolical even. Have a look at the story of the siege of Druin Damghaire. I found the shepherds round the corner. Shepherds symbolise mostly watchfulness but in Assyro-Babylonia they are cosmic. In the dark phase of the moon, they conduct souls down to earth. I liked talking to the shepherds but their little flock reminded me of the individual and the collective. The individual that desperately needs to be surrounded by the flock or herd requires reassurance in a primitive way. Human integration is somethings special because we are relational beings. But relating to others isn't always easy and demands development in personality. Some have difficulty in that respect. So what will happen to Susan? I hope she will supply many woolly jumpers. Live long and prosper!