Saturday, November 1, 2008

You need hands

Earlier I was saying that it's a good idea to look around rather than looking down as we do when we're worried. But there is always an exception. I might have missed the imprint on the pavement if it wasn't very local. I've been stepping over this for around a decade. I guess the person who saw the opportunity to make a mark in wet cement looks at it slightly differently, maybe as an indelible personal mark like the autographs immortalised in the legendary cement of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. For me, it was some kind of attempt to confront the destructive power of time. Yet the hands also take possession like the Red Hand in the Ulster arms. In psychoanalysis the hand is invariably compared with the eye in that it "sees". And by expressing our thoughts in writing we talk through our hands. But ultimately the concept that links all these aspects is that of action. So I can't help wondering what the person did with his hands when he had finished making the mark!