Sunday, December 21, 2008

Irish Red Cross

Another shot from my travels to Dublin city centre. I braved the Christmas shopping mania just for a walk and came across this fund raiser for the Irish Red Cross. So I stopped to have a conversation with the volunteers - a group of nice young women. It was worth stepping out on a cold Saturday afternoon, just for this very red, and hence warm, street shot. I have some family affiliations to Red Cross work in Iraq, Afghanistan and other spots and it was nice to see the money being raised for something with which I can readily identify. The cross itself is an extremely old symbol, which shares a common symbolism with the number four. The four cardinal points represent earth and together forms the foundation of all symbols of orientation. The whole of mankind, drawn from the four corners of the earth is represented. But where the two lines intersect there is a fifth point. This is the point of transcendence. This must be the most appropriate symbol for an organisation which must engage with war, but at the same time, remain outside its ambit.