Monday, December 8, 2008

Baggot Street - at night

I set out with the deliberate intention of getting a night shot in Baggott Street in Dublin 4. The technique for this kind of shot is to work at dusk, just when the sky is starting to get darker but with enough remaining light for a successful exposure. I just missed the ideal time but caught a velvety blueness with some cloud detail. Night is always a little mysterious. In their work on symbols, Chevalier and Gheerbrant describe the Greek notion of Night. It moves across the sky, pulled by four black horses and followed by a retinue of maidens - the Fates and the Furies! Night corresponds to the unconscious in the darkness of sleep. a world of dreams and shadows. That bright white light makes a very clear boundary in the shot. So maybe in the picture, the bright burger joint stands in for day, consciousness and awareness.