Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bus Stop Centro PiazzaLodi

I wanted something of Xmas, so so this bus stop in the outskirts of Milan seemed to fit the bill. I confess I photo-shopped the picture to make the reds brighter. Forgive me if it's slightly lurid. That is also for Xmas. So if you're late for getting that last present you can always get on down to Centro PiazzaLodi. Why don't you get the bus? Getting the bus means we have to travel collectively with other people. We don't have much choice about being social in this case. So if you dream about being on a bus it's likely to be about a social relationship. Our personality develops as we come into contact with other people. Naturally our primary family group is first, then school and so on until working life. So if you dream about any difficulty in getting on a bus, you may interpret that accordingly. If you are driving the bus, it could be that it's about taking responsibility for a group of others. Centro PiazzaLodi and its collective await your visit!