Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magic eye

This was a fun shot, playing with the camera - at night! It's a little toy and I think I obtained it from the Millenium Dome in its early days. You have to bounce the ball and it lights up. The eye has many symbolic meanings. It's much featured in Egyptian art and the Welsh ilgad y dydd means the "eye of day. But this week, with so much trouble in the news, I wondered whether this was a demonic eye? The evil eye can be used to destroy livestock for example. When the possessor of the evil eye looks longingly at some object or person, it causes injury to what he looks at. "I take refuge in the shadow of God against the harm which the envious can cause when possessed by envy." said the Prophet. We can be comforted though, because there are a variety of things that can help. The horn, the crescent and the hand can defend against it - as well as the horse.