Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mulligan's Time

In recent blogs I've been talking about time. What does this mean, you may ask. Well, psychotherapists are very careful about time. The client should arrive on time, the client should use the time properly and so on. At the same time .... time is a debatable concept. When I wrote the last blog about duration, I was struck by the fact that on that very evening, several television documentaries about time were screened. Synchronicity prevailed for that period. Time is often symbolised by the wheel and of course most ( but certainly not all) public clocks are circular. There are many such clocks in Dublin. You really don't need a watch - they're everywhere. So what time is it in Sandymount, Dublin? We rather value the idea of being in the present, but according to Bergson, the present creates nothing. Like a set task it carries out the past, but adds nothing to being. This is debatable if indeed time is composed of discontinuous instants. And it would threaten the value of the psychotherapeutic experience which somehow lies between the living, experienced past and the future. In the therapeutic space, for 50 minutes or so, time breaks.