Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spot the cat

Another fun shot - it must be getting near Christmas. It's a general rule in photography that no-one wants to see a picture of your pet - or anyone else's for that matter. The only pet of interest is their own. There is always an exception that proves the rule, though. I guess the picture is saying something about camouflage, because it wouldn't be the first time I nearly sat on the cat on its favourite chair. In symbolic terms, not all peoples regard cats favourably. The cat was the only creature to remain unmoved by the death of the Buddha. But strictly speaking this can be seen as a sign of being a higher form!. I am naturally biased since my clan is Clan MacPherson, who's motto is na bean d'on chat gun lamhainn, touch not the cat bot (without) a glove. This message was a warning to other clans. The cat with its claws unsheathed was likely to do a wheen of damage.