Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ward off the evil eye!

This is a very formal shot and a depth of field exercise that falls to the luckless student. This was taken with an old digital camera and it just didn't accommodate depth of field. The result however was pleasing. I had some luck! The clothes rope contains many hidden properties as it crosses the sky. All ropes are a means to ascend. They often crop up in dreams, so whether the dreamer is climbing or descending a rope, it's all about life. Ancient Central American cultures saw ropes as being semen, falling from the sky and which would fertilise accordingly. Ropes could do many things in wizardry - capture winds, stop accidents and prevent misfortunes. In Sicily, red peppers and garlic heads are strung together and hung at a doors, windows and in the kitchen to ward off the evil eye. I have some in the house, just in case. I think that pegs on a clothes line are of this ilk, possibly representing fastenings that tie down and hence contain evil influences. So for me, this picture is a lucky shot in many ways.