Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunchtime Phantoms

This is a Friday lunchtime, 1 pm at the top of Dawson Street, Dublin. I was on my way to meet a colleague and walking round the outside of St Stephen's Green, I noticed how passers by were in such a hurry. They look very purposeful in these journeys from A to B. People to meet, things to collect, buses to catch? They hurried past, noticing neither the camera nor me. In the arcades and malls though, people do notice the photographer. Most duck to get out of the way of an anticipated picture of a building. Mostly, it never strikes shoppers that they should be the subject of the photograph or part of the composition. They may think I'm a tourist, capturing some essential part of Dublin. It seldom occurs to them, that they might be the essential parts of Dublin worth capturing. They are not subjects, but objects of the lens. They are passing phantom objects, almost dancing across the street in pursuit of other objects.