Saturday, January 17, 2009

Red Eagle

Whilst walking on the outskirts of Penzance I came across this rather striking doorway. The colour attracted me and then the bird of prey door number. I think the bird is designed to be an eagle although purists are going to say the beak isn't curved enough! Early Welsh saga poetry features eagles as feasting on fallen warriors in the poem Eryr (eagle of) Pengwern. Pengwern now is thought to be somewhere in England and you can find out more about this by going to The eagle is a primary creature in Celtic mythology - a bit like the stag, salmon and owl. Celtic shamans, amongst others, popularly invoked the strength and eyesight of the eagle. In Celtic mythology, red invokes the power of the warrior, no doubt from all that feasting! If you dream of eagles ... then in all likelihood you would be having what Jung described as a "big dream" - something with an important meaning. There is little that comes close to the symbolic power of the eagle. The eagle pictured is at the door and hence is protective of the house and its occupants. Just out of interest, I looked for a relationship between the eagle and the number five in the picture and found a reference. The book of Genesis says that it was on the fifth day that God created both fish and the fowls of the air.