Thursday, January 8, 2009

Red Sea

Newlyn beach proved fertile ground for photographic material. It was the red that took my attention again and I wondered whether it was flotsam or jetsam, because I can never remember and then I have to look it up. This is clearly jetsam, because it has either washed or has been thrown overboard. It's a bit dreamy, this red solid cast up by the waters, an object that can't be dissolved or consumed. Like its petrochemical beginnings, it will never mix with water. But it is a container of sorts, a box, and a useful object in its place. It could have been a fish container and perhaps it will be useful again. Some years ago, it would have been the perfect workshop surface on which to rest an engine - although I sense such days are disappearing. Everything comes from and returns to the sea. Newlyn remains an important port for seafood, and although its future is uncertain it has hidden riches. Some psychoanalysts compare their work to fishing. They are helping elements - hidden riches - to emerge from the unconscious through recall.