Saturday, January 10, 2009

Milk and Wine

Readers have been saying I should lighten up, because recent blogs have been a little sombre. So here's something I spotted just before Christmas. I was in a long Christmas queue in Penzance Co-operative so maybe someone decided they didn't need the milk and dumped it. Or it could have been a joke. Perhaps some Hermes character in the queue decided the opportunity was too good to miss. Yet there is a relationship between milk and wine! In this case, Indian mythology shows the way. In the Ramayana, a great churning in the Sea of Milk produces nectar and is celebrated very day in the morning hymn the agnihotra. This nectar is a symbol of initiation, knowledge and immortality - as is wine. Wine is the drink of the Gods. Anatolian Shi'ite sects call their sacred Raki "lions milk" in their secret language. If you have a dream about wine, it's likely to be positive because symbolically wine is regarded as a divine miracle.