Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woman at Crossroads

I know this isn't technically a crossroads but its a major intersection at Dublin's Baggot Street and Waterloo Road. Eastmoreland Place makes up the crossroads, but its slightly offset. I was drawn to the woman who was there a long time - time enough for me to get my camera out of its bag, then compose and take around six shots. It seemed to be just enough for her to watch the traffic pass and enjoy a leisurely cigarette. Contemplating ... what to do next. Crossroads are highly symbolic of course and we talk about being at a crossroads in life. After the decision is made and a way is chosen, there is little room for turning back. It was at a crossroads that Oedipus (unknowingly) met his father and killed him - we all know the trouble that caused! Jung sees crossroads as a marriage of opposites and so they have positive and negative meanings. Different aspects of our personality meet and mingle at some intersection in our own psychological make-up.