Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ghostly car in the Snow

This photograph as you can see was a mistake. The snow came and there were no tracks. I thought I could get the camera out of the bag and get a shot of the virgin snow - before cars came along the road. In my haste, a long and unintended shutter speed ensued! But the outcome was this rather ghostly image with its very distinctive shape. Many clients dream of being in cars and these can be very rich in detail, involving roads of different types, directions, signs, passengers - its an inexhaustible list. If you dream of being in a car, the characteristics of the car belong to you - whether its a luxury model, a classic, a vintage or an old jalopy. It is thought to illustrate how well the dreamer is adapted to his or her psychological environment. The position may be important - are you the driver, passenger or outside the vehicle? But these are merely guidelines. It all depends on your own associations to the vehicle and to how you feel in the dream. I always recommend keeping a dream notebook beside the bed and suggest a jotting down of the key components of any dream - along with how you felt. But this is a ghostly image and the image of a ghost in a dream suggests something of the unconscious - perhaps something that has been rejected by the dreamer.