Friday, February 20, 2009

Girl in the Window

On my way from Dublin city centre, I rounded the corner from Duke Street onto Dawson Street. There's an art gallery there and in it I spotted this little girl. She was leaning into the window amongst the paintings for sale. It was irresistible - and as I pressed the shutter I prayed that the glass in the window hadn't confounded the autofocus. All went well. When I transferred the photograph I was reminded of Henri Lefebvre, the geographer, who had very specific views about what constitutes space. He thought that when we look at a portrait it's already looking out from its frame. Before it is looked at it looks out. I feel that the girl looking out of the gallery window unwittingly challenges not only the the two-dimensional facades of the portraits beside her but an area behind the shop facade which is normally condemned to invisibility. So it was in some sense, an exercise in the psychoanalysis of space.