Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoodwinked landscaped

This image is so far away from the last urban setting. Or is it? As I took the shot, I was thinking of landscape painters with their incredibly romanticised images. I was always drawn to them in galleries because these hyper-real landscapes looked kind of "impossible". Walter Benjamin comments that landscape art only arrives at a historical point where the landscape has been conquered. In other words, the view of a rocky snow-capped mountain is only a pleasurable image if it does not present an obstacle to the viewer. Again, in psychotherapy, things (some of them seemingly pleasurable) often present an obstacle to the analysand. The analysand has to conquer his own landscape, through a new way of looking in which the interpretation of objects is balanced. In the picture above, we are not far from the city. This is in the garden to the rear of the Avoca garden centre and restaurant. It is far from natural and I guess the clue is on the left hand tree!