Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Time Priestess

I have left this photograph pretty much as it was. No problems here because I had an excuse for taking it. There isn't much market for second hand digital lens yet, but here was an opportunity to buy one - so I saw a window of opportunity! This was a trial shot before purchase and directly in the frame of the new lens was this pleasant woman who was attending to her manual camera. She is an artist and uses her camera to record paintings. Not only that, but she uses slide (transparency) film - or E6 if you like. Surely there can't be many such diehards left. But she is right about the ability of transparency film to give an almost three dimensional look. Nothing can match it for colour saturation. She is definitely a high priestess. Jung comments that it was no chance that in ancient times high priestesses were the ones selected to communicate with the gods. Russian philosopher, Nicholas Berdiaeff thought that women were more closely linked to world soul. So perhaps women draw more closely to the soul, the intuition and the alchemy of the old photography whilst men like the mathematical reassurance of instant digital technology. My compliments to Dublin Camera Exchange which has provided me with equipment for nearly twenty years.