Monday, February 16, 2009

On Track

I couldn't resist another motorbike picture. This one is from Ducati track day at Mondello Park, west of Dublin. We could speculate about the colour red and these beautiful machines - they are certainly striking. But the race track offers a space where the normal rules don't apply. Riders can go fast and behave in a different manner from the way they do on the public road. The track offers a container where this can take place. That's not to say there are no rules! But most importantly, motorcycles are about freedom and independence. Motorcyclists feel unbeholden to others in the course of their progress and development. On the roads, they proceed - and if they get together, as in the picture, it's to do something very specific and it's always about biking. For motorcyclists, balance can only be maintained by forward motion - as in psychotherapy!