Monday, February 16, 2009

Only Bikes and Horses

Motorbikes are just astonishing machines. There is nothing quite like the sensation of travelling on one. I can't remember where I took this photograph though - it could have been County Wicklow somewhere or perhaps on the way to Newbridge. Symbolically the motorbike has very little to do with automobiles. It has more in common with the horse. The horse is said to emerge from the chthonian darkness (from the underworld) and represents both life and death. It carries men and women on its back and so the fate of both horse and rider is inextricable. If conflict arises between horse and rider, they may gallop to madness but if there is harmony then triumph ensues. Because of the sky and the marriage of blue and yellow, the picture suggests harmony. Pegasus the winged horse is associated with the sky and lofty virtues. Although he is born of the earth (via the Gorgon's blood) he takes thunderbolts to Zeus. He is the initiate who has acquired wisdom where intuition enlightens reason - and this is why it is important for all motorcyclists to be in harmony with their steeds - it is best not to set them on the wrong path.