Monday, February 9, 2009

The Reality of Choice

When this was taken it was cold outside and this scene was such a contrast. A very high ASA was needed for the shot but the warm tones made it worthwhile. There is something comforting about being surrounded by shelves of food. There's lots of choice available here and that makes a difference. Yet we don't necessarily need all that choice, so we have to ask if it satisfies in some way. William Glasser the founder of Choice Theory, argues that choice comes from within. It's not forced upon us from outside but conditioned by our basic needs. These provide the foundation for all motivation - to be loving and connected to others, to achieve a sense of competence and personal power, to act with a degree of freedom and autonomy, to experience joy and fun ... and to survive. We don't need a great range of biscuits to survive! On the other hand it could be fun to make that selection. And no matter how pretty, advertisements and enticing displays don't make us buy things. We have more choice than we think.