Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Social Space

Back to St Stephen's Green shopping centre for a rather wintry shot. It's one single arched vault in this shopping centre and the afternoon light gives it a cathedral look. It looks like a specialised operation this centre, with none of the pretence at being an "indoor street" as many centres try for these days. From this point of view on the stairway from first to second floor, we can see the various spatial directions of up, down, right, left and centre that we tend to take for granted. There seems to be a multiplicity of objects wherever we look. I particularly like the movement of people on the staircase - but more of that in a future blog! It is the architectural movement of circle and curves that is symbolically associated with the sky and this is what gives the building a cathedral look. Very often such vaulted spaces are grounded on a square or, as in this case, a rectangular foundation - it is representative of marriage of heaven and earth. Above there is light and consciousness and below, the body-bound world of the unconscious. In this case. above is light and airy whereas down below it's all about shopping!