Thursday, February 5, 2009

Umbrella in the Snow

No chance of automatic exposure in this weather. I made a few trial shots - the glory of digital cameras - and set it to manual on 1/125th at f8. That was quite adequate to capture this amiable gentleman on Raglan Road. I am sure he was joking about getting ten copies - we both laughed and went in our respective directions! Lets talk about the umbrella, a term which comes from the Latin umbra and ancient Greek ómbros. We shelter from the sun under a parasol and from the elements under an umbrella. But in the latter case we hunch up a bit, rather defensively. So symbolically, umbrellas are rather on the side of darkness. You could hardly say the brightly coloured device in in the picture is sombre in any way, but it is nonetheless a protection. We talk about an umbrella organisation for example. But inevitably, the organisations falling under the protection of a larger one, give up some of their independence. That's not the way counselling and psychotherapy works. That is a mutual alliance between two parties and although the relationship may appear to offer protection, the goal is independence and autonomy.