Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ballsbridge Sky

I decided to lose the colour in this image. The sky from Raglan Road was an incredible blue but I wondered what would happen if it was a contrasty monochrome image. I would have needed a red filter to do this the traditional way. Colours are charged with meaning - it's not enough to admire their beauty. You can't escape the power of colour. Some sections of the Christian church disapproved of colours in their buildings, because colour had symbolic value. Gradually, white became connected with chastity, black with penance and a variety of colours were incorporated into religious imagery. We are very used to colour around us at all times but it's a general rule in photography that a black and white image is about structure. Shape and form is primary to colour and when I was shooting with black and white film, I "saw" the image in monochrome and got to thinking about colour later. Now I can keep the information and with a computer I have the choice to use colour or not. When I look at this image I realise I usually miss some emotional connection when I'm lost in a blue sky.