Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Wheel Turning

I had several attempts at cropping this image, none of which were satisfactory. So I left the original frame. This is the big wheel at Merrion Park, Dublin, erected for St Patrick's day celebrations. I was passing on Friday evening for a late dentist appointment and operators were testing it. I stopped to take photographs as they moved it round slowly, choosing a low shutter speed - so there's a bit of blurring whilst the centre and supports stay sharp. I wanted a dusk-like sky so there's a bit of work here on brightness and grain. What about the wheel? It's a good invention we are always reminded - mostly humourously. But the wheel speaks symbolically of cycles, beginnings and renewals. The hub of the World is the centre and as in this image it's still. The spokes radiate out cosmically, to the edge or circumference. The perpetual turning of the wheel refers to renewal. There is much to talk about in the symbolism of the wheel, but the purpose of the image is to demonstate that wheel should be good fun - and so should life.