Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was shopping early evening in Baggot Street and just caught this little bit of action - nothing more dramatic than a moving traffic violation, probably. In Baggot Street there always seems to be a lot going on, one way or the other. Clients often report dreams with something like this scene in them. A policeman is a figure of authority and symbolically suggests the father - complete with rules, regulations and orders. The father is regarded psychoanalytically as representing awareness rather than instinct, impulse or spontaneity. He acts rationally rather than intuitively through the unconscious. He is the law giver. If the dreamer considers himself as a free spirit, dreaming of a policeman my be a projection of part of his psyche which he has been unable to recognise or to integrate. Alternatively, it could be that the dreamer feels unable to fit within a specific order or framework. The dreamer needs to ask what the policeman means to him. Is there anything in the dreamer's life that resists or accepts authority? On the other hand, if you were trying to write a children's book and just couldn't get it together, then that would make for a different reading entirely!