Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Double Time

St Bartholomew's Church, Ballsbridge is always photogenic. The clocks peal with Westminster style chimes right though day and night at quarter hour intervals, which is something residents have to get used to. Known as the Westminster Quarters. The notional words taken from Great St Mary's, Cambridge are "All through this hour. Lord be my guide. And by Thy power. No foot shall slide". Clocks are usually round, the circle with no beginning and no end - yet often they are placed within a square which symbolises earth and the material realm. Khronos or Chronos literally means time (from which chronology and chronicle) and is often depicted as "father time". Greek and Roman mosaics feature him turning the wheel of the Zodiac. Looking at St. Bartholomew's clocks from this angle we can see two of the four on the tower, but soon the spring will bring much foliage and the clocks at least on this side of the church will be completely hidden. But looking at the two clocks somehow reminds me of the old trade union song "Two nights and a Sunday overtime", the appeal of the worker for more working hours. The worker trades time to earn a living wage.