Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Facing Up

I caught sight of this advertisement in a pharmacy in Baggott Street and there was something about the profile that took my attention. Much later, playing with the image, I pinched it a bit to see what would happen. It was the door that I really liked, as if it was curving around the model's ear. We never see our own face do we? Only in a mirror and then it's the wrong way round. Face is very important. If through our own actions we feel diminished or embarrassed we can be said to have lost face. The face stands in for the whole individual so an example in symbolism can be found in ancient Celtic law where compensation was referred to as the face price. The face tends to be the part of another's body one sees first, as in Ewan MacColl's famous song The first time ever I saw your face, which he wrote for his wife, Peggy Seeger. Faces are for other people and not for their owners! The face also symbolises the evolution of humanity out of the darkness and into light - whereas the devils face is artificial. Anyway, I have to face up to being pleased with this face, even if it's a little pinched!