Friday, March 6, 2009

Hard Core

I guess this is what's going to happen to that nice blue pipe in the last blogs. The Pembroke Road workers were most obliging in letting me get this shot of the hard core being unloaded. It was exactly what I wanted, so my thanks to them. They are making, or at least remaking the pathway - which is more than just the route to town. The pathway also bears the trace of the builders, who symbolically make order out of chaos. Raw matter is shaped and ordered to a plan which is conceived elsewhere. When it is conceived it is thought of to exist for particular functions. It will be used. But somehow that vague group of people, users, seem to exist apart from the order of the builders. People animate the paths, often in a manner not invisaged by the builders and the planners. We users are in a different register entirely. We make our own paths.