Monday, March 16, 2009

Lights, Action!

This picture of the fountain at Dundrum is taken at night on a high ASA. It's taken from the other side of the image depicted a couple of blogs ago. So apart from this being at night, the point of view has switched through 180 degrees. It was a satisfactory photograph but I felt I wanted to do something with the colours and the faint image of people sitting outside the restaurants. I think I disneyed it! It made a jolly splash of colour though and that jolliness is the feeling I get from the picture now. It is simple enough now to do this with a computer, whereas only a few years ago, this would have been a more complex task. I wonder if there is a sense of embarrassment amongst old timers about that. Many reject it out of hand entirely. This rejection is a phenomenon observed by existentialist psychotherapists and is what often happens when we get older. We get sedimented - stuck in our ways. This makes us reject many new things that are otherwise very beneficial for us. So sometimes we need to look at things afresh, think clearly about change and adopt a different viewpoint.