Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Other Side of the Pipes

Something drew me back to the pipes featured yesterday. It was a fine sunny day and the blue just shimmered in the light. If purists are wondering how I got the light like that, without my shadow getting in the way, I flipped the image 180 degrees around. This means you can read the radius markings on the side. The play of light on the curved surface demands attention to space as a phenomenon. The close up image reduces the context and leaves us with a restricted space. It's as though the space is occupied only by light - reflection, colour and form. There is no background and no horizon. Yet there is some kind of eroticism associated with the objects themselves - a sense of curving and touch. And this is such such a deep blue that I want to look for longer, tracing the light. I disappear into the blue. But in the end these are just pipes - pieces of material, conduits for Dublin City supplies. Soon, workmen will come and bury them under the pavement.