Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The pipes, the pipes

I felt I could have cropped this image more viciously but I wanted some sense of context so there's a bit of the Pembroke Road at the rear. Poor old Pembroke Road, it's consistently dug up, repaired, then dug up again. And these pipes will carry ... what? Alas, there is no sign on the road works to say. That I am afraid is an example of what Lefebvre calls the "terrible urban reality which the twentieth century instituted". These are not the pipes of Pan of but channels or conduits for the services feeding the city. Stuff feeds through the pipes as energy, which always has some kind of container as we see here. The cylindrical container is a protective and maintaining shield through which the energy flows. So it is with the living organism and indeed the psyche which is a part of the whole organism. CG Jung coined the term psycho-dynamics. This is based on the laws of thermodynamics and fundamentally relates to balance. The productive energy of the psyche implies a self-relationship. If something flows, it goes somewhere in a closed system that tends to balance. Reaching a new balance is one of the things clients do in psychotherapy.