Friday, March 27, 2009

Smooth Mysterious Green

The artificial bowling green in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, presented an opportunity for a formal shot. It has a benign and soothing feel to it, this green. Green Erin was the name of the Island of the Blessed in the Celtic world and there was certainly a lot of green around last Saturday when the Ireland rugby team won the Grand Slam! A heraldic colour, it is know as vert in English but as sinople in France - signifying meadows, woods, fields and greenery. In the middle ages, medics wore a green robe - and they still do wear green in surgery. Pharmacists display a green cross outside their shops. Of course this is very Western. Islam's flag is green and is said to be the colour of the Prophet's cloak. It is also said that green hides some kind of secret. There is much to be said about green - more possibly than any other colour. There are many greens in the image and it is indeed a little mysterious. What secret is held by the green?