Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the fountain in the lake at Dundrum shopping centre, taken from the vantage point of Dunne and Crescenzi, a most pleasant cafe. I used a low shutter speed for this one - just to capture movement for a dreamy effect. Philosopher and scientist, Gaston Bachelard reckons that water, unlike other materials, has a kind of destiny. Being dedicated to water is being in flux, because substance is always falling away. Water flows and falls and always ends in horizontal death. It always possesses a kind of melancholy - even at a thirtieth of a second, which is slow in photographic terms. Nonetheless, water is of the unconscious even here where it is plumbed and piped around and forced through jets and nozzles. Speaking of dreams of springs, Jung commented that such images were of the soul itself - the origin of inner life and energy. Because the water for fountains is circulated, it is always changing and therefore symbolises rejuvenation.