Friday, March 20, 2009

St Patrick Revisited

This detail is part of a stained glass window in St Bartholomew's Church, Ballsbridge. Depicted here with the shepherd's crook, St Patrick guards the entrance to the kirk. There are of course many different legends about St Patrick and how he came from mainland Britain to Ireland. One story has him captured by pirates and here we can see behind him him a rather Norse looking ship. Was it pirates? Were they Irish? No-one can be very definite - although slavery was part of Irish society in these days. One legend has it that St Patrick was abducted from the Scottish village of Old Kilpatrick on Clydeside, but there are many competitors for that honour. The window itself was installed in 1925 and dedicated to the "Glory Of God and the Memory of Frances Louisa Conner". I haven't been able to find anything about Frances Louisa Conner yet, so if you know anything drop me a line.