Monday, March 30, 2009


I left the framing in this shot because I couldn't bear to cut anyone out. It reminded me of a Roger Corman movie though. In Corman's low budget shockers, he would always have extras walking around in pairs - and because of that, the audience's attention was drawn to the hokum in the film. I imagine the director of this shot said "OK people, walk around now and act naturally - and don't talk about films, OK?" It was the sweet stall that made the shot though. We still like our sweets and maybe because of that the shot looks peaceful. The ancient market place was said to make for a space where yin and yang were in balance, but before medieval times, markets were not particularly central to cities. Somewhat tainted as far as religion was concerned, they were confined to the outskirts - much as giant trading sheds are these days. As social and economic relations changed, markets were brought into the centres with the church and of course, the town hall. In the end, the closed market place brought trading under control of authority. So perhaps it's the open airy feel of this market that I like and the sale of colourful confectionery makes for a pleasing splash of frivolity in the space.