Monday, March 23, 2009

Three Chairs!

This is the hundredth blog so I feel obliged to recognise it. It's all about the numbers where a hundred is concerned. Chevalier and Gheerbrant say that one hundred is special because it individualises part of a whole which is also a part of a larger grouping - part of a whole within a whole. The Chinese "Let a hundred flowers bloom." refers to a doctrine which possesses all of the virtues. "Self praise is no recommendation." says Aesop, so lets talk about the hundredth image! When I took this one, I thought of a book for photography students I once possessed. It's a somewhat technical photograph of three chairs. Three is one of the most interesting numbers. In primitive times there were only three numbers - one, two and many. There are many triads in the human body for example. And for me, the channel of the dialectic - theses, antithesis and synthesis - is an important philosophical model based on the triad. I am aware that in one of the rooms where I work there are three chairs but generally only two people. Occasionally there is an important other in the client's relationship and although they are naturally absent - they sometimes seem very present. It depends. Sometimes the work can involve using that presence and that empty chair - or the hot chair as it's sometimes called. Focused expressive psychotherapy uses that technique. So I like my three chairs. Three chairs for the hundredth blog!