Monday, March 9, 2009

Window Shopping

Another image from the Jervis Centre in inner North Dublin! The advantage for the photographer in such buildings is that balconies provide a good position. The only difficulty is that if one is looking down too much, the resulting picture looks like a surveillance photography. It places the photographer in such a position of power, that the image suffers a loss of credibility. In this picture, shoppers had distributed themselves in a pleasing way, just going about their business. Two things caught my attention however - the purple light above the information desk and the attractive window on the left. The matching colours were a bit of luck. Symbolically the window is really about the eye and receptivity of light. The round shape of the window matches the eye. The purple shade at the information desk is currently popular. As a variant of blue and red, it is most commonly associated with royalty and denotes rank or achievement. We have to bear in mind that certain shades of blue and purple were traditionally expensive to reproduce. The indigo dye for jeans remains expensive today. If you dream of this colour (and dreams with vivid colour are not so common) it may denote an inflated attitude in some part of one's life - something to recognise and work on perhaps.