Monday, March 9, 2009

Woman and Window

This is the Waterloo Road, Dublin, early evening. Shops are closing up and people are making their way home from work. This part of the road is kind of gloomy, kind of bright - I can't quite make up my mind. Blink your eyes and you could be in Liverpool, Budapest, Porto. Rotterdam or anywhere. The shot is high ASA, available light and I like the grain (or noise as they say these days). But in particular it's the slight blurring of a single leg that seems to give the subject some kind of movement. The shop stands out doesn't it? It's almost like a sparkling tooth in the night. As we can see in the advertising, teeth can be a sign of happiness - when the lips are parted, incisors appear. Teeth sometimes stand for fame and renown, which must explain the constant use of this kind of look in magazine images of the moment. It can also mean happiness, ambition, strength and, of course, desire. I recall the expression often used in admiration of new born babies, "He's so lovely, I could eat him up." So teeth also stand for assimilation of the object.