Monday, April 20, 2009

Absent Patients

This is the seat in the doctor's waiting room when I arrived. It's unusual for there to be no one there and it looked deserted and a little disconcerting. The reason for this is I think, that I am expecting something to be in the centre. But I am not rewarded in the field of view and that is unsettling. So I left the picture like that in the end but where were the patients? Even more, where is the patient that should be in the centre? The roomed filled up shortly after I took the photograph and there was someone there in the end of course. The seat is a sign of authority and if you deliberately remain seated whilst another stands then you are demonstrating your superiority. To offer someone a chair is to recognise their authority. I'm not sure what is symbolised if you offer them a whole sofa like this one. Another blogger called custardbydesign has been in touch. His blog is well worth a visit and if he were here I would offer him a seat!