Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blue Head Blues

World Health Day - I missed it by a day. The budget took precedence I'm afraid. Now the results of the budget have made people a little blue - so I am concentrating on mental health. Certainly a whole music genre has been devoted to difficulties, problems and indeed what people used to call melancholy. Mental health has always suffered in comparison to physical health. It's about feelings and of course you can't see them. Nevertheless, if these unwanted feelings of sadness become permanent, sufferers find it very hard to get along. The head symbolises the active and driving part of the spirit. All the meanings of psychology and psychoanalysis seem centred in the head. So this blue head for me is a kind of symbol of mental health and depression, maybe because blue often signifies a detachment from the world. So let's remember when we are talking about health, that it's not just about the physical condition of the body. None of us should be ashamed of seeking assistance for mental health difficulties.