Thursday, April 16, 2009

Colour in the Rain

Some readers found my last few posts rather sombre so I have been under pressure to get a cheerful shot. That proved none too easy on a day when Dublin suffered a foreboding sky and relentless rain. I spotted this shopper on her way up Baggott Street when her colourful bags caught my attention. Yellow is the colour of the sun and saffron - and hence magical! But the rain is another matter. The Greek story of Danae is appropriate. She was the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos and Perseus' mother (by Zeus.) Acrisius was worried because it had been prophesied that Danae would bear him a son who would kill him. Imprisoned by the king to stop her becoming pregnant, Danae was locked in a bronze vault. Zeus fell in love with her, seeped through a crack in the ceiling and showered her in a golden rain thus making her pregnant. So the symbolism speaks of a fecund rain which fertilises the ground. In a combination of opposites. Perseus is conceived in the depths of the earth by the rain from the gods above. There's much more to the story but the exploits of Perseus are I think, well known. Myths are stories, told in good faith, in order to explain something abstract. Today, I think there was a good atmosphere in Dublin despite the rain and all the difficulties that beset the economic system. So the story and the picture suggests we should expect benevolent rain!